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We specialize in the rehabilitation of aggressive and reactive dogs. We train their human companions on how to effectively communicate with their furry friend.
     Many of the unwanted traits become apparent when dogs are not given the  right stimulus that they need to cope with city living. We strive to bring a  sense of balance back to the canine that is gone due to the social constraints of  urban living.
   Suburban life also presents its own set of challenges based on the issues that arise from time constraints of the busy American lifestyle. Behaviors that can become destructive and that tax the limits of our loving relationship. Stress that leads to further isolation, improper management and unwillingness to engage in healthy exercises due to the unpleasant outcomes from something as simple as a neighborhood walk.
  Structure and leadership are crucial facets to a healthy relationship. As Cesar Millan has coined so well "Calm assertiveness" is so essential to a thriving companionship.

NexGen K9 was invited to the Google campus for a one hour Google Talk on Dog Behavior. Click to watch it.

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